After a decade of running successful independent agencies Elevator Group and True North Brand Group, Co-founders Mark Richardson and Mark Tedeschi have joined forces to create Elevator North, a full-service digital marketing and media agency that specializes in introducing brands and products to busy, tech-savvy people. Elevator North delivers expert Collaborators from strategic planning, public relations, social media, creative services and marketing technology. 

Before starting and running a successful agency for 10 years, Mark spent 8 years as a lead marketer at Dunkin, Tweeter and BJs Wholesale Club. Prior, he worked for Hill Holliday and Houston Effler leading planning, client services and direct marketing for Converse, NEC, Fidelity and others. As CEO/Creative Officer at Elevator, Mark launched numerous brands and won creative and social media accolades in the tech, food and outdoor categories.

Before founding a successful PR firm, Mark spent 15 years as a reporter and editor, in outdoor business and fashion covering Nike, Reebok, The Gap and others. Marks' resume includes Sporting Goods Business, Footwear News, The Chicago Trib and more covering the sneaker wars and presidential campaigns. Mark's background as a writer makes his media influence hard to match.

Mark Tedeschi,  CO-CEO,

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Richardson, CO-CEO,

Chief Creative Officer