• Mark Richardson

What happened to the Sneaker Wars?

Now we let consumers tell the story in their own words

Is it over? Who won? Is there a Veteran’s Association? We were there. Some of us traveled the world marketing brands to athletes and musicians. One of our partners was Editor of the leading outdoor industry trade magazine, interviewing footwear Generals. Since the internet became the world’s largest shoe store, the rules of marketing have changed dramatically, while brand dynamics have not. The marketing funnel now contains hairpin turns, Y-valves and deputized micro-influencers. Those over 40 still love the occasional Nike anthem commercial but Gen Z doesn’t pay much attention. Marketing is now microscopic. New models are cranked out monthly. Consumers control design and preference. Instead of starting the fire, we marketers can really only fuel it. The TV wars have evolved to a stream of on-line skirmishes with agencies in the middle. Kill or be killed.